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Information Request Form

  1. Information Request Form

    To request public records from Carteret Emergency Communications, please complete this information request form in its entirety. Carteret Emergency Communications will make all reasonable efforts to fulfill your request as expeditiously as possible within a reasonable amount of time. Information will not be released when it potentially jeopardizes victim safety, involves an active investigation or call in progress, or is otherwise required to be withheld in accordance with NC General Statutes. 

    Requests for audio may be filled electronically via encrypted email. Requests for CAD records may be filled electronically via encrypted email or via US mail. Inquiries for paper copies of CAD records must include a postage paid self-addressed envelope for return mailing. Certified copies of CAD records may be picked up in person at the Carteret County 911 Center. Please note that Carteret Emergency Communications does not transcribe calls.

    Audio files are archived for 30 days as allowed by NC G.A.132-1.4, which states, “agencies shall not be required to maintain any tape recordings of “911” or other communications for more than 30 days from the time of the call, unless a court of competent jurisdiction orders a portion sealed.” Please provide the specific details of the information requested below:

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