What is the first step in becoming a foster parent?

You are encouraged to be informed.  Watch the required orientation video here.  Gather information about foster parenting, talk to other foster parents, then contact your local social services office to sign up for their next foster parent orientation session. There are a number of ways to get information about orientation schedules:

  1. Contact Carteret County Social Services directly at (252) 728-3181.
  2. Check out the events section of the Carteret County Social Services Facebook page.
  3. Complete this form and we will contact you.
  4. Keep a lookout on our Upcoming Training page. 

Should you decide that you do not have sufficient room in your home or that you are unable to provide full time care for another child in your home, we encourage you to explore alternative ways to support foster care. 

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1. What is Foster Care?
2. What is a foster parent?
3. What is the first step in becoming a foster parent?
4. How do I become a foster parent?
5. What are the basic qualifications for becoming a foster parent?
6. What are the requirements for becoming a foster parent?
7. Will I have to work with the child's parent?
8. Will I be paid to be a foster parent?
9. What are the board payment rates?
10. Will I get to choose the foster child for my home?
11. How long will the foster children remain in my home?
12. I am a single person. Can I become a foster parent?
13. What type of support do foster parents receive?
14. What about medical insurance for foster children?
15. As a foster parent, can I work outside the home?
16. Who pays for the foster child's clothing?
17. Do I have to own my own home?
18. Do foster children have to have their own bedroom?
19. Can I adopt a foster child in my home?
20. I am only interested in adoption and do not wish to foster, can you help me?
21. Can I take a foster child on vacation with me?