What should I do if I suspect there is lead in my home?
If you have young children, are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, have a thorough lead risk assessment done by a professional contractor who does not also do abatement work to avoid a conflict of interest. Assessment will typically involve a range of methods, including: visual inspection of paint condition and location; lab tests of paint samples; and surface dust tests. Several kits that test for the presence of lead in various sources are now available. There are certified contractors who will check your home for a fee.

Contact the North Carolina Health Hazards Control Unit at 919-733-0820 for a listing of North Carolina Lead Certified Inspectors or Risk Assessors. Carteret County Health Department does lead based paint investigations for free in the homes of children who are found to have elevated blood lead levels. For more information on identifying environmental lead hazards, please contact the Carteret County Environmental Health Department at 252-728-8499.

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4. What should I do if I suspect there is lead in my home?
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