How can I appeal my 2023 Real Property Value?

Unfortunately It is too late to appeal the value of real property for the 2023 tax year as the statutes dictate the time in which you can appeal real property. We encourage you if you feel your property value is incorrect to submit an appeal for the 2024 tax year at Once your appeal has been received, our office will be in contact. Should you have questions concerning your 2023 Real Property value please contact our real estate department at 252-728-8485.

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1. What are the Tax Administration office's hours of operation?
2. What are the North Carolina General Statutes?
3. What is the last day to pay your taxes before they become delinquent?
4. What is the tax rate for Carteret County?
5. Where is the Tax Administration Office located?
6. How do I change my address with your office?
7. Why does my bill look different than in past years?
8. Why did I receive two bills from the county, one for my land and one for my mobile home? In the past, I have only received one.
9. Why am I mailing my bill to a Charlotte address?
10. I no longer have an account number on my bill, what number should I be using to process my payment?
11. Why am I getting a bill for a Water District?
12. Why am I billed two separate county solid waste fees?
13. Why am I being billed for both city/town and county taxes?
14. What time frame does the bill cover?
15. What if my property is billed in the wrong taxing code (district)?
16. What if I have qualified for the Elderly Exemption, Disabled Exemption, Disabled Veteran’s Exemption, or Homestead Exemption and the bill is missing the discount?
17. What if I sold my personal property?
18. What if I receive two bills for my mobile home (i.e. Real Estate Bill and Personal Property Bill)?
19. How do I appeal the value on my personal property bill?
20. The value of my personal property has increased from the previous year why?
21. What information is needed to be successful with my personal property appeal to the County?
22. How can I appeal my 2023 Real Property Value?
23. I have received a bill that another family member should have received. They have always received the bill in the past, why did it get sent to me this year? How do I get this corrected in the future?
24. I have received a bill from the Town of XXXX and it does not provide me a list of my personal property as it has in the past. Why was this not listed on the bill?
25. I would like a copy of all the assets that you have assessed me for, how do I obtain this information?
26. When is my 2023 tax bill due?
27. Does Carteret County give a discount if I pay my taxes early?
28. Will I be charged interest or penalties if I pay my tax bill after September 1, 2023?
29. Why did I receive my bill if my mortgage company pays my taxes via escrow?
30. How will I know if the mortgage company has paid my bill?
31. Is there a convenience fee if I choose to pay by credit card?
32. Why is there a convenience fee if I choose to pay by credit card?
33. Is there a fee for paying online with E-Check?
34. Do I have to use the coupons included with my tax bill to pay my taxes?
35. You have provided a coupon for me to pay 4 installments before Jan. 6, however, I didn’t get to make a payment in September because you didn’t send me a coupon until Oct. Do I get extra time to pay?
36. I made prepayments on this parcel before this bill was sent. What happened to those payments?
37. I paid more on my bill than I needed to through prepayments. What happened to my extra money?