What are the basic qualifications for becoming a foster parent?
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Single, married, or divorced
  • Have adequate space for a child
  • Have an income adequate for own family/to be financially stable
  • Own or rent adequate housing that is not directly beside a body of water
  • Have adequate transportation
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Ability to work as a team with agency social workers, child’s family and other service providers
  • Ability to understand and support the child’s parents

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1. What is Foster Care?
2. What is a foster parent?
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4. How do I become a foster parent?
5. What are the basic qualifications for becoming a foster parent?
6. What are the requirements for becoming a foster parent?
7. Will I have to work with the child's parent?
8. Will I be paid to be a foster parent?
9. What are the board payment rates?
10. Will I get to choose the foster child for my home?
11. How long will the foster children remain in my home?
12. I am a single person. Can I become a foster parent?
13. What type of support do foster parents receive?
14. What about medical insurance for foster children?
15. As a foster parent, can I work outside the home?
16. Who pays for the foster child's clothing?
17. Do I have to own my own home?
18. Do foster children have to have their own bedroom?
19. Can I adopt a foster child in my home?
20. I am only interested in adoption and do not wish to foster, can you help me?
21. Can I take a foster child on vacation with me?