Health and Human Services


Name Title Email Phone
Williams, MD, Randall Interim Consolidated Health and Human Services Director 252-728-3181

Health Services 

3820 Bridges Street
Suite A
Morehead City, NC 28557



Name Title Email Phone
Antonino, Linnette Medical Assistant/Interpreter 252-728-8550
Bruce, Gina Supervisor, Care Mang. for At Risk Children 252-728-8550
Cozart, Charla Patient Relations Representative, Patient Intake 252-728-8550
Davis, Alex Business Officer 252-728-8550
Davis, Colby Public Information Assistant, Receptionist 252-728-8550
Davis, Kim Public Health Nursing Supervisor I 252-728-8550
Dobbs, Nicole Physician Extender II 252-728-8550
Durling, Janet Medical Lab Assistant 252-728-8550
Faiella, Donna Communicable Disease Nurse 252-728-8550
Fulcher, Christie Public Health Nurse 252-728-8550
Fulton, Katie Processing Assistant 252-728-8550
Giblin, Michele Public Health Nurse III 252-728-8550
Grady-Coker, Justina Social Worker, Care Mang. for At Risk Children 252-728-8550
Grossi, Sara Dentist, Mobile Dental Clinic 252-728-8550
Harrell, Sheila Public Health Nurse III 252-728-8550
Harris, Jessica Physician Extender II 252-728-8550
Heath, Allyson Nutritionist II 252-728-8550
Hill, Dawn Administrative Manager 252-728-8550
Honore, Heather Dental Assistant 252-728-8550
Johnson, Erica Public Health Nurse II 252-728-8550
Joyner, Frankie Eligibility/Processing Assistant 252-728-8550
Mason, Jennie Administrative Assistant, Finance 252-728-8550
Matthews, Letisha Administrative Assistant 252-728-8550
Morris, Casey Public Health Nurse II 252-728-8550
Murphy, Christine Medical Lab Technologist I - Lab Supervisor 252-728-8550
Nelson, Hannah Hep C Bridge Counselor 252-728-8550
Oliver, Nina Health Director 252-728-8550
Patterson, Tammy Processing Assistant, WIC Program 252-728-8550
Phillips, Billie Administrative Assistant 252-728-8550
Raynor, Cynthia PT Temporary Office Assistant 252-728-8550
Rhodes, Fonda Nutritionist, WIC Director 252-728-8550
Rice, Marissa Public Health Nurse II 252-728-8550
Shepard, Nasya Office Assistant IV 252-728-8550
Shue, Laci Public Health Educator II 252-728-8550
Styron, Nancy Public Health Nurse, Pregnancy Care Management 252-728-8550
Ward, Britney Office Assistant (WIC) 252-728-8550
Washington, Debra Social Worker, Care Mang. for At Risk Children 252-728-8550
Whitfield, Johnna Temporary Dental Hygienist 252-728-8550
Williams, MD, Randall Interim Consolidated Health and Human Services Director  
Willis, Carol Program Coordinator, Mobile Dental Clinic 252-728-8550
Willis, Jamie Finance Technician - Health 252-728-8550
Wyman, Candice Public Health Nurse II 252-728-8550
Willis, Renate DSS Support Staff/HD FD Assistant 252-728-8550
Yanez, Sarait Processing Assistant III, WIC Program 252-728-8550
Yarborough, Jennifer Accounting Technician, Finance 252-728-8550

Social Services 

210 Craven St.
Beaufort, NC 28516



Name Title Email Phone
Adams, Jessica DSS Director 252-728-3181
Avery, Jessica Adult Medicaid Supervisor 252-728-3181
Ballowe, Susan F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Barreto, Blake CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Beaty, Laura Foster Care Social Worker 252-728-3181
Beeks, Elaina Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Bryant, Chuck Foster Care Supervisor 252-728-3181
Bullock, Allison Foster Care Social Worker 252-728-3181
Bullock, Carol Lynn Food & Nutrition/Fraud Supervisor 252-728-3181
Cameron, Amy Foster Care SW Assistant 252-728-3181
Cannon, Janet Economic Services Quality Assurance Analyst 252-728-3181
Charters, Patricia CAP Social Worker 252-728-3181
Chiavola, James APS Supervisor 252-728-3181
Claros, Gabrielle Foster Care Licensing Social Worker 252-728-3181
Cooley, Haley CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Covarrubias-Casillas, Rocio Foreign Langauge Interpreter 252-728-3181
Crow, Katie Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Dale, Brittney Paralegal 252-728-3181
Daniels, Rosemary Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Dearing, Kennady Intake Social Worker 252-728-3181
Dee, Karen CAP Social Worker 252-728-3181
Dickinson, Summer F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Dorman, Kelly Child Welfare Training Officer 252-728-3181
Eaton, Melanie CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Edwards, Denese F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Everington, Michelle Child Welfare Office Technician 252-728-3181
Fielder, Carol Administrative Assistant 252-728-3181
Fitzjohn, Dawna Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Fitzpatrick, Lisa CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Foye, Monique Child Support Enforcement Supervisor 252-728-3181
Franklyn, Brigette Child Support Enforcement Agent 252-728-3181
Garner, Susan Switchboard Operator 252-728-3181
Gillikin, Andrea Foster Care and Adoptions Social Worker 252-728-3181
Gomezvalle, Silvia CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Gordy, Cristina Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Goss, Virginia Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Grabowska, Kaitlyn Foster Care Social Worker 252-728-3181
Gray, Jennifer CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Gupton, Maggie F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Hahn, Rodrigo Foreign Langauge Interpreter 252-728-3181
Hancock, Stephanie SAIH Social Worker 252-728-3181
Harless, Thomas CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Harris, Gina Adult In-Home Services Supervisor 252-728-3181
Harris, Michelle Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Helmick, Christy Receptionist 252-728-3181
Herman, Meghan Child Support Enforcement Agent 252-728-3181
Hester, Laura Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Hill, Barbara CPS Supervisor 252-728-3181
Hill, Lutonia CPS Supervisor 252-728-3181
Hobson-Britt, Karen Intake Supervisor 252-728-3181
Holland, Christian CFT Facilitator 252-728-3181
Howland, Stephanie F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Huffman, Kay Human Services Evaluator 252-728-3181
Jones, Karen Daycare/WFEA Social Worker 252-728-3181
Jones, Melodie F&C Medicaid Supervisor 252-728-3181
Jones, Shawnta Foster Care and Adoptions Social Worker 252-728-3181
King, Makenzie CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Knudsen, Amy Adult Medicaid Lead Caseworker 252-728-3181
Krebs, Kody Child Welfare Program Manager 252-728-3181
Kues, Terry In-Home Aide Social Worker 252-728-3181
Landress, Whitney Foster Care Social Worker 252-728-3181
Lane, Lisa SW Quality Assurance Analyst 252-728-3181
Lawrence, Jocelyn Long Term Care Caseworker 252-728-3181
Lewis, Clint Adult Services Program Manager 252-728-3181
Lewis, Eve Intake Social Worker 252-728-3181
Lewis, Gay Administrative Manager 252-728-3181
Lewis, Sheri CAP Social Worker 252-728-3181
Lewis, Terri Intake Social Worker 252-728-3181
Lilley, Angela Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Lovick, Jennifer CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Lowery, Sharon Economic Services Program Manager 252-728-3181
Lowrimore, Mischelle Community Alternativess Program Lead Social Worker 252-728-3181
Ludvigsen, Elisabeth CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Mansfield, Jon F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Mason, Tammy F&C Medicaid Supervisor 252-728-3181
Maulshagen, JoAnn Food & Nutrition Lead Caseworker 252-728-3181
May, Lisa Child Support Enforcement Agent 252-728-3181
Mayer-Young, Caitlyn CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
McDonald, Robin Guardianship Social Worker 252-728-3181
Midgette, Justin Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Miller, John F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Miller, Rebecca APS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Mitchell, Sallie Finance Technician 252-728-3181
Mizuri, Sandra Child Support Enforcement Intake 252-728-3181
Montford, Jocelyn APS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Nipper, Charlotte Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
O'Connor, John CPS Supervisor 252-728-3181
Oden, Kimberly APS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Olson, Tammy Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Owens, Gail Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Parker, Wanda Medicaid Transportation Caseworker 252-728-3181
Pfannenstiel, Kathy CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Porcuna, Lyndsi Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Price, Sonia Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Pritchett, Amber Medicaid Transportation Caseworker 252-728-3181
Proctor, Leslie Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Ramsey, Susan CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Raspatello, Tracy Security Officer 252-728-3181
Rice, Caitlin F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Ricks, Shanna Food & Nutrition Caseworker 252-728-3181
Rimmer, Susan Foster Care SW Assistant 252-728-3181
Rose, Jane Adult Services SW Assistant 252-728-3181
Rose, Michelle Guardianship Social Worker 252-728-3181
Sendecki, Lillian Administrative Assistant 252-728-3181
Sewell, Tanya F&C Medicaid Lead Caseworker 252-728-3181
Shahan, Heather Guardianship Social Worker 252-728-3181
Shine, James Guardianship Social Worker 252-728-3181
Showalter, Alex Business Officer 252-728-3181
Smith, Staci Long Term Care Caseworker 252-728-3181
Snider, Candace Foster Care Social Worker 252-728-3181
Sonzogni, Stephanie Attorney 252-728-3181
Spear, Renee Foster Care Social Worker 252-728-3181
Spencer, Maxine Paralegal 252-728-3181
Stengel, Maria Daycare/WFEA Social Worker 252-728-3181
Stewart, Brian CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Styron, Kelly Adult Medicaid Supervisor 252-728-3181
Styron, Toni CAP Social Worker 252-728-3181
Swain, Rindy F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Tata, Dorothy CAP Social Worker 252-728-3181
Taylor, Alica Foster Care Supervisor 252-728-3181
Theuner, Nick Guardianship Supervisor 252-728-3181
Townsend, Ginny Timekeeper 252-728-3181
Wales, Taylor CPS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Washington, Queena APS Social Worker 252-728-3181
Webster, Lisa Adult Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
White, Abegail Adult Homes Specialist/Outreach Social Worker 252-728-3181
White, Christina Intake Social Worker 252-728-3181
Wilkes, Lynn Receptionist 252-728-3181
Williams, M.D., FACOG, Randall Interim Consolidated Health and Human Services Director 252-728-3181
Willis, Renate Receptionist 252-728-3181
Yanez-Huckle, Maria Foreign Langauge Interpreter 252-728-3181
Young, Amanda F&C Medicaid Caseworker 252-728-3181
Zabroski, Ellen F&C Medicaid/WFFA Caseworker 252-728-3181
Zbytniuk, Kathleen Attorney 252-728-3181