Early Voting and Same Day Registration

Carteret County voters may choose to cast a ballot at any One-Stop voting site during the early voting period.

Early Voting Daily Counts

Coming soon! Click here to view One-Stop early voting information for the 2023 Municipal Primary Election.

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Early Voting

Early Voting (also known in North Carolina as "no excuse one-stop absentee voting") provides an all-purpose solution for voters seeking to:

  • Avoid potential delays on Election Day
  • Vote on convenient days and during non-working hours
  • "Same-day" register to vote
  • Avoid any registration conflict that could trigger the necessity of a provisional ballot on Election Day
  • Update their voter record if they have moved within the county since last voting

The no excuse one-stop absentee voting process allows registered voters to appear at the one-stop voting site and cast their ballots. They do not need a reason to vote this way. At one-stop voting only, a registered voter can vote regardless of their normal polling place.

Same-day Registration

An identification document is required when using Same-day voter registration during Early Voting. The acceptable documents that may be used include: a North Carolina driver license, a photo ID from a government agency, a copy of one of the following that shows the name and address of the voter: a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document.