Solid Waste Enforcement

The Solid Waste Enforcement Division is responsible for monitoring, investigating, and recording the illegal disposal of solid waste. The goal of this division is to achieve voluntary compliance, but occasionally it is necessary to take violators to court.

The solid waste enforcement deputy is responsible for efforts to eliminate illegal solid waste dumping in Carteret County. These efforts include identifying existing dumps and new dumps as such dumps are created, and working to ensure that such dumps are properly cleaned up and closed by the appropriate responsible parties. The deputy will utilize existing solid waste laws and ordinances in the enforcement and prevention of solid waste dumping.

The solid waste enforcement deputy has established procedures for receiving, processing, investigating, and ultimately resolving solid waste complaints received in Carteret County.

Carteret County, NC Code of Ordinances / Chapter 14 - Solid Waste

To file a report, contact the Solid Waste Enforcement Deputy at Email