Property & Evidence

The Carteret County Sheriff's Office Property and Evidence Division has several functions; some of which includes receiving, storing, and recording property and evidence, ensuring the property, evidence, and impounded vehicles and preserved and accounted for according to federal, state, and local law and regulations, and with the established departmental policy. Property taken as evidence must be carefully safeguarded to prevent contamination and insure its value in court. Various types of evidence are submitted into evidence; some examples are blood/urine kits, large sums of money, documents, drugs, weapons, vehicles, and other items that may be confiscated by law enforcement officials in criminal cases, as well as found property. The evidence custodian is tasked with making sure all items are properly identified, documented, and packaged for safe and secure storage.

Some of the other duties include assisting at major crime scene's as needed, running firearm serial numbers through ATF and NCIC, verifying criminal history reports prior to releasing weapons to the public, notifying known owners of found property or safekeeping property received, as well as conducting inventory audit, which is performed routinely on a regular basis to ensure the security and integrity of the evidence room.

Another important function of this unit is the proper and timely disposal of property. This includes the return of property to its rightful owner or the destruction of items as prescribed by law. Under the general supervision of the Evidence Lieutenant, the CCSO Evidence Custodian are responsible for the efficient operation of the CCSO property and evidence unity. They perform a variety of clerical functions of a difficult and responsible nature, centering around the intake, processing, maintenance and dispersal of law enforcement related property and associated statistical reports.

If you need to pick up lost, stolen, or seized property, or have questions, please contact our Property & Evidence Division at 252-728-8400. Please reference your name, contact information, case number, and description of item(s) in question.