Sheriff's Auctions

The Carteret County Sheriff's Office holds public auctions after property has been seized due to Writ of Executions or Civil Orders from the courts. This may include real or personal property. For more information on scheduled or recently held auctions, contact Lt. Kris Jensen at the Carteret County Sheriff's Office.


UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF WRIT OF EXECUTION directed to the Sheriff of Carteret County from the Superior or District Court, the Sheriff will offer a sale to the highest bidder all real and personal property subject to all liens, mortgages, towing, storage and encumbrances which were or came effective on the record prior to the levy of the execution under which the sale is being held.Payment is due in cash at the time of sale to the highest bidder. In the event the successful bidder refuses to honor the bid, the bidder will no longer be permitted to participate in any future auctions or sales conducted by the Sheriff's Office. This in no way restricts or limits any other remedies which may be used against a defaulting bidder.

DISCLAIMER: The Carteret County Sheriff's Office makes every attempt to provide the most accurate information possible regarding auction items, to include year, model, vehicle VIN, personal and real property descriptions and execution document information. The Carteret County Sheriff's Office is not responsible for typographical errors in the posting of these auction items.

If you believe any information on this page to be inaccurate, please contact the Sheriff's Office at (252) 728-8400.