Health Links

American Cancer Society 

This website contains resources for different types of cancer, ways to stay healthy, and where to find treatment and support. 

American Cancer Society

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

This website contains information on many different diseases and conditions, ways to protect your health when traveling, and tips for healthy living. 

CDC Website

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Recalls

This website contains information on certain recalls of FDA-regulated products. 

FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals, and Safety Alerts

North Carolina Communicable Disease Branch 

This website contains facts, figures, and communicable disease laws and rules for North Carolina. 

NC Communicable Disease Branch 

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Bed Bug Information

This website contains information on bed bugs, how to check for bed bugs when traveling, and laws regarding sanitation of used bedding from a retail outlet. 

Bed Bug Information - NC Department of Ag

North Carolina Healthcare Guide 

This website contains information on hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, local health departments, state and federal health contacts, medical societies, and state and U.S. legislators. 

NC Healthcare Guide

Rabies Control and Prevention in North Carolina

This website contains information on rabies prevention, what to do if you are bitten or scratched by any animal, and the Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control. 

NC Rabies Control and Prevention

U.S. Navy Drinking Water Study 

For more information about the U.S. Navy drinking water study in the vicinity of Marine Corps Outlying Landing Field in Atlantic, NC, please visit the following websites: 

Background on the Navy's environmental policies regarding PFAS 

U.S. Navy Study at MCOLF Atlantic