911 Call Taking Process

When a citizen dials 9-1-1 they are asked some very basic questions which allows for the immediate dispatch of any call for service. Telecommunicators answer 9-1-1 calls by stating “Carteret Emergency Communications what is the address of your emergency?” Telecommunicators then verify the address by having the caller repeat the address. It is not that the telecommunicator did not hear or record the address, but national studies have shown that in emergent situations, people revert back to information that is most easily remembered. If a caller observes a co-worker fall unconscious while at work, when the caller dials 9-1-1 is quite common for the caller to use their home address rather than their work address because their home address is certainly more common that their work address. This can easily result in responding units being sent to an incorrect address.

After the address is verified, the telecommunicator will ask the caller “Tell me exactly what is going on” the telecommunicator is searching for the specific reason you are calling 9-1-1.

At this point, which is usually about 17-35 seconds into the call, the call is dispatched to the proper Law Enforcement, Fire or EMS agency. The telecommunicator will then advise the caller that they are going to ask more questions to update the responding units while they are en route to your incident. THIS ADDITIONAL QUESTIONING DOES NOT, AND WILL NOT, DELAY THE RESPONSE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES TO YOUR LOCATION.

Any citizen should feel comfortable dialing 9-1-1 for any emergency or perceived emergency situation. Carteret Emergency Communications is a highly trained, professional service which provides the crucial link between the citizens of, and those traveling in and through Carteret County to emergency services agencies and/or responders.