Events with Alcoholic Beverages

Non-ticketed events are events where there is no money exchanged between the renter and guests.  You may not charge admission, have cash bars, sell tickets in advance or collect money at any event at which alcohol is served (Example:  Wedding Receptions, Family Reunion, Birthday Parties, etc.)
  • If only wine or beer is served at this function there is no permit required
  • If spirituous liquor or fortified wine is served, a “Special Occasions Permit” is required by the State of North Carolina
  • Civic Center will provide security guards for groups wishing to have alcohol (Beer, Wine or Liquor) Charges will be billed to the client. One officer per 100 people / $35 per officer/ per hour).
  • The client is responsible for hiring a caterer from our Preferred Caterer’s List that has an off premise ABC license that can provide bar services.  A bartender is responsible for the serving of all alcoholic beverages.
A Ticketed-event is a function where tickets have been sold or money is required from your guest in order to attend, participate, eat or drink at your function.
  • In order to serve alcohol at a ticketed event the organization must acquire a special one-time permit by the state of North Carolina and must be classified as a non-profit or political event. Brown bagging is permitted only with a Special One-Time Permit.  Again, this is only issued to non-profit or political organizations.
  • It is the Client’s responsibility to secure Security officers during events that serve alcohol.  The officer is required to stay until the last person leaves the event.  Depending on the type of event further requirements may apply.

Reminders for any events serving alcohol:

  • The renter must be aware that the legal drinking age is the state of North Carolina is 21 years of age.
  • Self-serving of alcoholic beverages is NOT permitted.
  • One bartender for every 75 guest is recommended for a “Hosted” Bar.
  • One bartender for every 100 guest is recommended for a "Cash" Bar. 
  • No Glass bottles are permitted; cans only.
  • Open containers may NOT leave the Civic Center Front Doors.
  • The bartender will close the bar 30 minutes before the event ends.
  • Cab Drivers numbers are available above the phone in the lobby please be a responsible driver and call if service is needed.