The Crystal Coast Civic Center is an entity of Carteret County Government therefore operates under the following policies and procedures. 

ANIMALS - Are not permitted inside the building with the exception of Seeing eye Dogs (or other similar animals used for assistance by the disabled), animals used as part of an approved exhibit, event or activity.  Approved animals in the Center must be on a leash, within a pen, or under similar control. The licensee assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions of any approved animal in the Center and indemnifies and holds harmless Licensor, The Crystal Coast Civic Center, The Carteret Community College and the Carteret Board of Commissioners, their agents, employees, servants, and officials from any and all claims, losses, damages or expenses

CAT WALK ACCESSIBILITY - The 'Cat Walk" is for the convenience of Photographers, DJ’s, Decorators, Security Officers and Audio Visual Personnel.  No other access will be granted.

CLEAN-UP - It is the responsibility of the Licensee to bag and remove all trash and clear and wipe down all tables prior to leaving facility. Plastic bags and trashcans are supplied. Trash receptacles, can/bottle recycle bins and cardboard recycle bins are located outside the kitchen door. It is the Client and /or caterer’s responsibility to make sure the kitchen and snack bar facilities are cleaned thoroughly following an event. All equipment, supplies, food and beverages must be removed from the Civic Center after the event unless prior arrangements are made with the Director. Should there be an excessive amount of trash generated from the event an additional disposal fee may be assessed.

COMPETING SHOW POLICY - The Civic Center may, at its discretion, maintain a period of sixty days prior to an existing event and any similar event which are considered to be competing for specific markets, i.e. Home & Garden Shows, Bridal Fairs, Craft Shows, etc.

DISPLAY OF VEHICLES OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT - Any motor vehicle or heavy equipment on display at the Civic Center must have the Director’s Approval prior to arrival. All equipment display must have carpet or cardboard floor protector to prevent damages to the Civic Center floors. Civic Center does not own heavy equipment such as forklifts, scissor lifts to be used by client. If further assistance with heavy equipment is needed, call the Civic Center office and for recommendations on local vendors that provide this service at the client's expense.

EQUIPMENT - The rental fee includes chairs and tables set according to client’s plan. In addition the fee includes use of a podium, 1 microphone and In-House Speaker system.  Any band or DJ used by client must provide their own equipment.  Audio/Visual Tech Support cannot be expected during events.   We are pleased to provide referral for audio or visual support and/or additional equipment during event.   For a complete list of equipment rental, please contact the Civic Center.

EVENT ITINERARY & PUBLICITY - Please file a copy of your event itinerary as soon as it is available to the Civic Center.  This will allow us to give correct information to outside calls when attending your event.  If the event is a public event (open to the public), an event description is requested that shall include:  a 60 word description, public contact information, admission fees, and hours of the event.  This information will be used to promote the event through the online public calendar of events and our electronic marquee.  

JANITORIAL SERVICES - Event areas are cleaned before and after events.  Additional cleaning requirements may result in charges to the event.  

LOST & FOUND - Any article found at the Civic Center will be turned into the office.  Equipment remaining at the Civic Center past 24 hours may be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by the Center as the director deems necessary at the group’s expense. 

MAIL / PARCEL DELIVERIES - Deliveries on site should be addressed to the following:
Crystal Coast Civic Center
Located in Carteret Community College Building #203
Attn:  (Event Name)
3505 Arendell St.
Morehead City, NC  28557
Please notify the office of shipments.  All freight to be shipped must be picked up by the next business day after the event.  

MARQUEE - Available for clients to list events is the 24’ exterior electronic marquee located on HWY 70.  As a courtesy your event will be posted two weeks prior to the event if space allows.  Please notify staff about the proper listing for your event.  The sign on the building will display information for events the day of.  

PARKING LOT - The Crystal Coast Civic Center provides three parking lots directly in front of the Center. The Patio can be utilized to load and unload vehicles.  All vehicles must be moved immediately after unloading into a designated parking space.  No parking in fire lanes, loading dock areas, patio or any other unauthorized location is permitted.  Unauthorized vehicles will be removed at owner’s expense

PUBLIC SAFETY - Public safety and welfare is the priority of the Civic Center.  The Crystal Coast Civic Center reserve the right to deny the use of the Center based upon the health, safety and welfare of the user, invited guests or general public as well as the protection and security of the building. All clients must adhere to the fire codes.  Do not block any doors with an overhead exit sign.   

RENTAL TIMES - Rental of the Center consists of 8 consecutive hours scheduled between 7:00am-11:59pm.  Arrangements regarding activities beyond these hours must be made with the Director and will be subject to overtime charges.  (Eight hours of occupancy includes:  Decorating, event and break down time.)  All decoration must come down the last night of the event unless arrangements are made through the office.

SAFETY - Rental clients and their guest must at all times conduct their activities with full regard to public safety and shall at all times abide by directives of the staff of the Civic Center, their representative or any other duly authorized governmental agency having responsibility for public safety.
Sitting or standing on tables is strictly prohibited.
Rental clients are responsible for any and all damages to the facility caused as a result of his/her event or his/her guests. (See lease agreement). 
Pursuant to North Carolina General Statue NO firearms or handguns concealed or otherwise are allowed within or on the grounds of the Civic Center. (Exception:  Fundraising Events pre-approved by the management of the Civic Center. 

SECURITY - Security services can be provided for your event; the cost would be deferred to the client.  At the discretion of the Civic Center director, events serving alcoholic beverages are required to have uniformed security officer’s onsite during the event.  When required, the client will be responsible for expense incurred for hiring security.  The average charge for security is $35.00 per hour, per officer. Lessee assumes full responsibility for the acts and conduct of its invitees and attendees of the event. 

SET-UP - The Civic Center provides set up of tables and chairs.    A blank floor plan of the facility will accompany the contract.  Please specify on the floor plan your needs regarding placement of tables, chairs or other equipment.  The event coordinator will assist you with your floor plan design if needed. The floor plan needs to be returned to the Civic Center office no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. Adequate aisle space and door clearance must comply with Fire Marshall requirements. 

SHARING THE FACILITY - Unless your contract covers the entire building, there may be other events taking place at the same time elsewhere in the building.  The lobby area may be used for registration but we ask it remain open for public access as it is common area.  We will provide you with information about other events scheduled in the Civic Center during your contracted time. 

SMOKING - The building is a smoke free facility; designated smoking areas are on the patio only.  Please dispose of all cigarettes and cigars in the urns conveniently located on the Patio. 

STAFF ON DUTY - A Civic Center staff will be on duty during your set-up, event and break down times to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.  Depending on the size of the event, extra workers may be hired at the expense of the Client. Staff on site during your event are there to provide access to the facility and to assist in making your event successful.  However, it is not their responsibility to reset tables/chairs or to unload decorations and do event clean-up services.  The set-up of tables, chairs and other equipment are provided in advance.  Please inform Staff member on duty of any requests or needs that might arise or in the event of an emergency.   All working Civic Center personnel shall have access to all areas of the building at any time.  The Civic Center will determine who shall and shall not be permitted in all service areas. 

STAGE - Our stage can be rented for $25 per section (4X8 sections). The Civic Center has 12 pieces that can accommodate almost any request. Speaker Stage: 4 piece, Band Stage: 6-9 piece, Head Table for 8 is a 9 piece stage with podium).  The use of pins is strictly prohibited on all stage curtains.  The public is not allowed on stage, only the requested guest (Head table attendants, band or speaker).

TELEPHONE SERVICE - A public telephone is located in the lobby.  The telephone will only allow local telephone calls.  To place a call: Dial 9 + the desired local telephone number.     We have one line open for credit card machines in the lobby and in Quad 1; dialing 9 for an outside line for Credit Card machines is not required.  If you need additional phone services, credit card outside lines or other telecommunication services please contact the office for additional information.

WIRELESS INTERNET - Wireless internet is available. Click on public 24/7 on your wireless connection.   Failure to comply with rules and regulations governing the facility could result in loss of part or all of payment, immediate closure of the facility, bill for additional damages and be barred from the facility.