ANIMALS: Animals are not allowed in the Civic Center building with the exception of service animals or when animals are approved as part of an exhibit, event or activity. Any approved animals must be on a leash, contained within a crate or pen, or under similar control. The licensee assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions of any approved animal in the Center and indemnifies and holds harmless Licensor, The Crystal Coast Civic Center, The Carteret Community College and the Carteret Board of Commissioners, their agents, employees, servants, and officials from any and all claims, losses, damages or expenses.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the Civic Center is forced to cancel the event due to weather, mechanical system failure or other unforeseen events, a full refund will be issued to the client. However no other compensation will be provided. Hurricanes and associated evacuations are an occasional disruption along the coast, and are most common during the peak of the hurricane season, late August through the end of September. If officials call for an evacuation, in the days or hours prior to your event, the event will be canceled. The Civic Center manager will discuss the possibility of rescheduling the event. If the event cannot be rescheduled, the Civic Center will refund all money paid directly to the Civic Center.

CAT WALK ACCESABILILITY: Photographers, DJ’s, Decorators, security and audio visual personnel may use the cat walk. Absolutely no children or consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed.

CLEAN-UP: All trash must be bagged and all tables cleared and wiped down prior to leaving facility. Plastic bags and trashcans are supplied. Trash bins, recycle bins, and a cardboard dumpster are located outside the kitchen door. All equipment, supplies, food and beverages must be removed from the Civic Center after the event unless prior arrangements are made with the Director. Should there be an excess of trash generated from the event an additional disposal fee may be assessed.

COMPETING SHOW POLICY: The Civic Center may, at its discretion, maintain a period of sixty days prior to an existing event and any similar event which are considered to be competing for specific markets, i.e. Home & Garden Shows, Bridal Fairs, Craft Shows, etc.

DISPLAY OF VEHICLES OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT: Any motor vehicle or heavy equipment on display at the Civic Center must have the Director’s approval prior to arrival. All equipment displays must have carpet or cardboard floor protector to prevent damages to the Civic Center floors. The Civic Center does not own heavy equipment such as forklifts or scissor lifts for use by the public, nor is the center equipped with a loading dock. For further assistance with heavy equipment, our staff can recommend a local business that can provide this service at the client expense.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: All clients using the Civic Center are required to have liability insurance coverage in effect during their entire occupancy, including move-in, event days and move-out. Clients are responsible for the cost of the insurance coverage. For small events such as; weddings and reunions the Civic Center can provide Liability Insurance through BB&T insurance services. Minimum coverage amount is $1,000,000.00 and shall not be cancelled or materially altered after certificate is delivered to Civic Center. Liability insurance certificates must include the following clause specifically as worded below: The County of Carteret, Board of Commissioners, Carteret Community College Board of Trustees and the Crystal Coast Civic Center names as additional Insured’s as their interest may appear. (Please see enclosed Liability Coverage Form).

MAIL DELIVERIES: Deliveries on site should be addressed to the following: 
Crystal Coast Civic Center
Carteret Community College Campus Building #203
Attn: (The name of your event)
3505 Arendell St.
Morehead City, NC 28557
Please notify the office of your delivery date.  Storage space is very limited, please ship no sooner than 3 days prior to the event. All items must be picked up by the next business day after the event.

MARQUEE: The Civic Center has two signs - a 24 foot electronic marquee located at the main entrance which scrolls through upcoming events at the Civic Center. Upcoming events will be posted two weeks prior when space allows. The sign located directly on the building will display information for daily events. Only 3 lines can be utilized with 24 characters per line including spaces. Please notify staff with the proper event name.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Public safety and welfare is the priority of the Civic Center. The Crystal Coast Civic Center reserve the right to deny the use of the Center based upon the health, safety and welfare of the user, invited guests or general public as well as the protection and security of the building. All clients must adhere to fire codes. Do not block any doors with an overhead exit sign.  Rental clients and their guests must conduct their activities with full regard to public safety at all times and shall abide by directives of the Civic Center staff , their representative or any other duly authorized governmental agency having responsibility for public safety.
Sitting or standing on tables is strictly prohibited.  Rental clients are responsible for any and all damages to the facility caused as a result of his/her event or his/her guests. (See lease agreement). Pursuant to North Carolina General Statue no firearms or handguns concealed or otherwise are allowed within or on the grounds of the Civic Center. (Exception: Fundraising Events pre-approved by the management of the Civic Center.

RENTAL TIMES: The daily rental fees include eight consecutive hours of occupancy scheduled between 7:00am-11:59pm. The eight hours includes decorating and clean up. All decorations must be removed at the end of the event unless arrangements are made through the office. Arrangements for activities beyond these normal operating hours must be made with the Director prior to the event and will be subject to overtime charges.