Winter Weather

Winter weather is not a frequent occurrence in Carteret County. Most winter weather events in our area consist of snow flurries once or twice a year with an occasional light dusting of snow. Snow accumulations rarely exceed one inch during most winter weather events.

However, on occasion, weather systems do align and produce heavy snowfalls or ice storms. The public works infrastructures of Carteret County are not equipped to handle heavy snow or ice situations. Accumulations over 5 inches have the potential to paralyze transportation systems and knockout utility services. Residents should be prepared for three of isolation should a severe winter storm hit our area.

For helpful information check out the National Weather Service (NWS).


Preparing for a winter storm is very similar to preparing for a hurricane. Many of the same problems, such as isolation and loss of utilities, are characteristics of both types of storms. Preparations should include:
  • Keep heating fuels topped off.
  • Maintain a stock of 3 days of food and water per family member. Don't forget your pets.
  • Monitor weather information. Winter storms are usually tracked well in advance by local meteorologist.
  • Plan for an extended loss of electricity.
  • Plan for use of alternate heating sources such as wood stoves or kerosene heaters.
Winter Weather Driving
Driving should be discouraged during winter weather. The chances of personal injury and the chances of property damage greatly increase for drivers during snow or ice storms. If driving is required the following preparations and precautions should be followed:
  • Check for proper operation of the vehicle’s heater and defroster systems.
  • Eliminate leaks in the vehicle’s exhaust system.
  • Keep an emergency kit in the vehicle that includes a blanket, warm clothing, windshield scraper, tow rope, booster cables, and a short shovel.
  • Prepare your vehicle by having good tires, good wiper blades, and an adequate level of antifreeze.