Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP)

Carteret County Health Department's CMHRP program provides supportive services to pregnant and postpartum women who are eligible for Medicaid. We recommend beginning services as early as possible in the pregnancy to help ensure the best possible health outcomes for both mother and baby.

How to Enroll in CMHRP

To participate, the Pregnancy Care Manager (PCM) talks with the patient to assess patients strengths and set goals for a healthier pregnancy. Together, they create a plan to address the woman's specific needs. At visits, the PCM stresses the importance of going to all prenatal medical appointments and how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  PCM can answer questions you may have and help you prepare and make plans for when the baby arrives.  PCM can also provide information and referrals to a variety of community programs and resources for your family.

Follow up is by phone, home visits, and OB office visits, at the Health Department and other community settings. The PCM continues to stay in touch with the patient throughout her pregnancy and for two months postpartum.

Referral Process for CMHRP Services

The Health Department welcomes referrals to the CMHRP Program from medical offices, hospitals, social services, schools, and through self-referral. Call or come by the Health Department.

Contact a Pregnancy Care Manager to find out if your qualify for this program:
Gina Bruce at (252) 728-8550 ext. 5747

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