Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw Safety

Use caution when operating a chainsaw to clear downed trees and branches.

Before starting the saw:

  • Read your owner's manual.
  • Wear proper safety gear, including eye and hearing protection, heavy work gloves and work boots.
  • Check controls, chain tension, and all bolts and handles to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Fuel you saw at least 10 feet from sources of ignition.
  • Clear debris that may interfere with cutting.
  • Even if you do not need an assistant, someone should be with you in case of an accident.
  • Have a first-aid kit nearby.

While running the saw:

  • Keep hands on the handles, and maintain secure footing.
  • Do not cut directly overhead or overreach with a saw.
  • Be prepared for kickback.
  • Stop the engine and do not smoke when refueling your chainsaw.
  • Do not spill fuel on a hot engine.
  • Use a filtering funnel or a fuel can with a flexible hose to fill the fuel tank.
  • Shut off the chainsaw when carrying it from one tree to the next if working conditions are hazardous (heavy brush, slippery ground surface or steep slopes)
  • Carry the chainsaw with the guide bar pointing to the rear, or point the bar to the front if you are going downhill.