Applications & Permitting Process

Digging Well
When a private drinking water well or irrigation is needed, an application must be submitted to the local health department. Applications must be submitted for new water wells or anytime the existing water well must be replaced or repaired.

There is a fee for a new water well permit and a reduced fee for a replacement drinking water well. In the event that an existing drinking water well must be replaced, the existing well must be abandoned or the replacement well will be considered a new well and the full fee will apply. All improperly constructed wells require abandonment when a replacement well is installed.

Well Installation
Site Inspection
Upon receipt of the application, an Environmental Health Specialist will visit the property to ensure that the location of the proposed well can be approved with respect to setbacks from on-site wastewater systems, surface water, and other potential sources of contamination . After site approval has been given, a permit will be issued with a specific location for the well and any instructions pertinent to the construction of the well.

Well Construction
Throughout the construction of the well, the Environmental Health Specialist will visit the site several times to ensure proper well placement and grouting, and installation of the well contractor and pump identification plates.

Drinking water wells will also be inspected for well head construction including the well seal, and to sample for possible bacterial and nutrient contaminants.

Certificate of Completion

Once construction is complete, a certificate of completion will be issued if the well meets all of the required construction standards. This means that the well is approved for use. Applicants must be aware that in some parts of Carteret County, hooking up to the available public water system is mandatory.