Migrant Housing

The housing provided for the migrant workers falls under the Migrant Housing Act of North Carolina. Migrant worker housing must be registered and inspected by the North Carolina Department of Labor 45 days prior to occupancy.

Standards for Sanitation & Water Quality
North Carolina General Statute 95-225, requires the commission for Health Services to adopt rules for establishing standards for sanitation and quality of water in migrant housing. It further requires that the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage is to be in accordance with Article 11, Chapter 130A, of the North Carolina General Statutes and 15A NCAC 18A .1900: "Laws and Rules for Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems." This inspection is done by the local health department.

While conducting an inspection, there are three general areas that should be examined:
  • Water supply
  • Wastewater facility
  • Other environmental hazards.
Water Supply Inspection
Water supply inspections consist of a number of different steps:
  • Is this a public or community water supply? If yes, then a water sample is not required.
  • Is this water supply a private or non-community supply? How many wells serve this supply?
  • Does the well construction comply with provisions of the water supply rule 15A NCAC 18A .1700? These rules Include provisions regarding:
    • Site location
    • Well head assembly
    • Sample tap
    • Properly grouted, and
    • Sample of chlorine residual
Wastewater Facility Inspection
The inspection of the waste water facility that serves the housing takes into account:
  • The type of waste water disposal system used. Is the system subject to 15A NCAC 18A.1900?
  • How many systems are on the site?
  • If additional systems are present, are there permits on file with the health department?
  • How many occupants are allowed for the facility?
  • Is the sewage system malfunctioning at time of inspection?
Other Environmental Hazard Inspection
A visual inspection is made for possible contaminates and harmful substances within the area. Examples of these would be pesticide containers and drums stored near the well.

Inspection Form
Inspection forms are completed only after there is compliance with the water supply and waste water system sections of the General Statute 95-225 (C) and (D). The original form is left with the responsible person, a copy for the health department, and a copy for the North Carolina Department of Labor, Bureau of Migrant Housing.