Lead Investigations

When a child under the age of six is identified with an elevated blood lead level, the state requires that an environmental lead investigation be done. The county Environmental Health Specialist and the Regional State Lead Specialist visit the residence of the child and any other places frequently visited by the child. The parent / guardian or other caregiver is interviewed to identify any risky behavior or exposure that may have contributed to the child's elevated blood lead level.

X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
During the investigation, an X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF) is used to determine the percentage of lead content of painted surfaces. Dust, water paint, and soil samples may also be collected and sent to the State Lab for Public Health to be analyzed. Based on the results of the XRF and the samples taken, certain lead remediation procedures may be required of the property owners.

Follow Up
A report is written and given to the property owner and the parent. Follow up sampling must be done to make sure that identified lead hazards have been made inaccessible to children under the age of six who visit the premises in question.

Childcare Centers
If lead hazards are identified in childcare centers, the parents of all children under the age of six who attend the childcare center must be notified. It is recommended that those children be tested for elevated blood lead levels.