Lodging Facilities

Plan Review

In accordance with the North Carolina Rules Governing the Sanitation of Lodging Facilities 15A NCAC 18A .1800, plans must be submitted to the local health department for approval prior to beginning construction of a new establishment or making changes to an existing establishment. Plans for a franchised establishment must be submitted to the state as well as the local health department.

Plan Inclusions

Plans submitted to Carteret County Environmental Health must include:
  • A completed Carteret County Environmental Health lodging application
  • Equipment, plumbing, and lighting layouts
  • Information on private well and septic system, if applicable

Chain Establishments

Plans for "chain" or "franchise" establishments must be submitted for review to the Environmental Health Services plan review section in Raleigh. Information regarding state plan review can be found here.  Plans may also be required by other agencies such as local building inspections.

Transitional Permits for Lodging Facilities

An existing establishment that changes ownership may apply for a transitional permit if the existing establishment has a valid permit. A transitional permit allows a lodging establishment to operate for a 180 day period until it is in compliance with the current state rules and can obtain a regular permit.


The establishment is evaluated to see if a transitional permit can be issued and a list of items that need to be brought into compliance is given to the owner. The owner must complete these non-compliant items within the 180-day period specified by the transitional permit.


Transitional permits automatically expire and cannot be extended or renewed. It is important to complete the items on time to prevent closure of the establishment. To obtain a transitional permit, please submit a lodging establishment permit application, and contact Carteret County Environmental Health for a transitional facility walk-through.