Hurricanes have the potential to cause severe damage to properties near and adjacent to the beach strand. Hazardous situations such as collapsed structures, washed out roads, downed power lines, and leaking propane tanks are possible following a hurricane. In order to protect our citizens from these hazardous situations local officials have devised a plan to restrict or limit access to the communities on Bogue Banks following a hurricane. The communities included in this plan are Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, Salter Path, and Emerald Isle.

Disaster Re Entry Permit
Property owners on Bogue Banks are issued reentry permits by the town in which their property is located. Residents of the unincorporated community of Salter Path receive their passes at the Indian Beach Town Hall. The permits are distributed prior to hurricane season. Each town determines the distribution policy for their permits. Some towns have issued permanent permits to residents while other towns issue new permits each hurricane season. Residents should contact their town halls for specific information on reentry permit policies Each community has a colored permit unique to their section of Bogue Banks. The permits are to be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard of a vehicle. The reentry permits allow law enforcement officers to easily identify Bogue Banks property owners and improve traffic flow at local checkpoints.

Carteret County officials have developed a process to limit access to the beach communities of Bogue Banks following a hurricane event that results in severe property damage. Highlights of that process are listed below.
  • Bridges will remain open to exiting beach traffic as long as wind speeds allow for safe travel. During high winds, the NCSHP may elect to temporarily close bridges to traffic.
  • Check points will be established and maintained by the NC State Highway Patrol on the mainland sides of the high rise bridges leading to Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle.
  • Just prior to the arrival of the storm, access onto Bogue Banks will be restricted to property owners.
A three step approach will be used for post storm reentry to Bogue Banks. These steps include the return of emergency personnel, the return of property owners, and return of the general public.

Step 1
Immediately following a hurricane event, access to the beaches will be closed to all traffic except for emergency personnel and utility companies. Repair crews will use this time period to assess the situation in each town and to make repairs necessary to facilitate the return of property owners.

Step 2
Each town will decide when property owners in their specific town can return to Bogue Banks. Towns with minimal damage may open to property owners soon after the storm passes. Towns with severe damage may elect to stay closed to property owners for an additional period of time.

Property owners will be required to show proof of property ownership or a disaster reentry permit before being allowed to access Bogue Banks.

Property owners will be permitted, if road conditions allow, to traverse through closed sections of Bogue Banks in order to reach their property. Travelers through closed sections of Bogue Banks will be restricted to designated roadways. Deviations from the designated through roads could result in possible arrest.

Property owners are reminded that you may be allowed to reenter areas that are without utility services such as electricity, water, and sewer. Property owners are also reminded that curfews and travel limitations may exist for certain areas of Bogue Banks. Property owners must be prepared to deal with these situations and adhere to these regulations.

Step 3
The final step in the reentry process is to allow the return of the general public back on to Bogue Banks. The reentry of the general public will be coordinated between all the communities on the banks. Efforts will be made to open all areas of the beaches to the general public simultaneously.