Recording Notification Service Alert

If you get an alert

I received a notification of a recording, what do I do?

Review the recorded document to ensure it is legitimate. You may search and view the Official Records here: Official Records Search.

If the document is legitimate, there is nothing you need to do.

If you feel the document is not legitimate, or you feel you are a victim of fraud, contact the Carteret County Sheriff's Office at (252) 728-8400 or the regional FBI Office for assistance. You may also need to contact an attorney to determine whether you need to take legal action to undo the fraudulent recording. If you dispute a lien that has been recorded against your property, contact the lien filer.

The Register of Deeds has no authority to take legal action on your behalf to reverse the fraudulent activity.

If a document is proven fraudulent, can it be removed from the Official Records?

No document can be removed from the Official Records without a court order. Citizens are urged to contact a local law enforcement and/or an attorney for prompt, appropriate action if fraud is suspected.

Why do fraudulent documents get recorded?

The Register of Deeds must record all documents that meet the requirements outlined in the North Carolina Statutes. The Register of Deeds has no authority to refuse to record a properly prepared document, even if it may be fraudulent.