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1. How do I register to vote?
2. What are the qualifications to register/vote?
3. Where can I get voter registration/change forms?
4. How do I change my information? Name/Party/Address
5. Where do I vote?
6. What time do the polls open?
7. What if I cannot enter or visit my polling place?
8. What is Absentee Voting and One-Stop Voting?
9. What is a provisional ballot/transferred voter?
10. How can I be removed from your registration rolls?
11. I am registered unaffiliated, may I vote in a Primary Election?
12. When is the deadline to register to vote in an election?
13. I drive by a polling place on my way to work. Can't I just vote there?
14. How do I know if my voter registration is up to date?
15. How do election officials prevent someone from voting twice?
16. What are my rights as a voter?