Board Meetings

The following is a list of meeting dates for the Carteret County Board of Elections.  Regular meetings will be held at 9:00 am (unless noted otherwise) in the Board of Elections Office which is located at 1702 Live Oak Street, Suite 200, Beaufort, NC.  

Meeting Dates for 2018
 January 3rd
 February 1st - Certify Petition
February 7th
 February 15th
 February 22nd
 March 5th
April 2nd 12:00 Noon 
 April 4th
April 17th - Absentee Meeting 3:00 pm 
April 24th - Absentee Meeting 3:00 pm 
 May 1st - Absentee Meeting 3:00 pm
May 2nd 
 May 7th - Absentee Meeting 3:00 pm
May 8th - Election Day 
May 8th - Absentee Meeting 3:00 pm 
 May 15th - Precinct Sampling, Absentee, and Provisional
 May 18th - Canvass 11:00 am
 June 6th
 July 11th
 August 1st
September 5th
 October 3rd
 October 16th - Absentee Meeting 4:00 pm
 October 23rd - Absentee Meeting 4:00 pm
 October 30th - Absentee Meeting 4:00 pm
 November 5th - Absentee Meeting 4:00 pm
 November 6th - Election Day 4:00 pm
November 7th
 November 16th - Canvass 11:00 am
December 5th