Health Department

Health Department
Our mission is to promote and protect the highest standards of healthy living for all county citizens.

Standards & Responsibilities
Standards and responsibilities of local health departments:
  • Monitor health status and understand health issues facing the community
  • Protect residents from health problems and health hazards
  • Give people information they need to make healthy choices
  • Engage the community to identify and solve health problems
  • Develop local public health policies and plans
  • Enforce public health laws and regulations
  • Help people receive health services
  • Maintain a competent public health workforce
  • Evaluate and improve public health programs and interventions
  • Contribute to and apply evidence-based programs and best practices
A Brief History
Carteret County Health Department has served residents of Carteret County, North Carolina since 1937. Funding for Health Department programs come from the county, state, federal, and special grants. It is governed by a 20-member Consolidated Human Services Board appointed by the County Commissioners. Carteret County Health Department provides a variety of preventive health care services, screenings, and information.

2016 - 2018 Strategic Plan
Carteret County Health Department Strategic Plan for 2016-2018

Ebola Information
NC Public Health Ebola Information:
Ebola Public Information Line: 1-844-836-8714