Planning & Inspections

Planning & Development Department Responsibilities
  • Administering and enforcing the County's development and zoning ordinances for the unincorporated areas of Carteret County
  • Administering and enforcing the North Carolina Building Code for the unincorporated areas of Carteret County
  • Local administration of the County's Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA), the Community Ratings System, and FEMA regulations
  • Review development applications for compliance with the County's Zoning Ordinance, Flood Damage Prevention and Protection Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Group Housing Ordinance, Mobile Home Park Ordinance, RV Park Ordinance, and the County's CAMA Land Use Plan
  • Issue appropriate permits within their authority
Planning staff provide support to the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment, and offer recommendations regarding development applications to these citizen boards, as well as the Board of Commissioners.

Inspection Staff Responsibilities
  • Completing building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing inspections to the unincorporated areas of Carteret County  in accordance with the North Carolina Building Code
  • Inspect Mobile Home Parks and RV Parks annually
  • Issuing permits
  • Perform inspections of all Carteret County Public Schools twice a year
  • Provide inspection services to the towns of Cedar Point, Peletier, Bogue, and Indian Beach