Notary Public

In North Carolina, the Department of the Secretary of State regulates and defines Notary Public policy. Anyone who wishes to become a notary in North Carolina must attend a course of instruction at a Community College. (Attorneys are exempt from the requirement of attending a course of instructions). Information and registration for this class can be obtained from the Continuing Education Department of each community college. For schedules and availability of Notary Public courses offered by Carteret Community College, please visit their website at

Once commissioned by the Secretary of State, Carteret County Notary Public must appear at the Register of Deeds Office to take an oath of office and obtain a certificate,.The Notary Oath fee is $10. Fees may be paid by cash, credit/debit, money order or cashier's check.

Application forms for reappointment or name change can be obtained from the Register of Deeds Office or through the NC Secretary of State Office.